Frequently asked questions

How does Vedoc app work for Service Providers and Shops?

Unlike many CRM softwares, marketing, online ads, We focused on two important tools in your shop and we combined them into one app. Vedoc app will connect you with drivers who need your services and your shop will get the exposure for the meaningful services you provide.

What does it cost?

Choose what gear your shop is in, we offer monthly subscriptions options that will fit any budget

How do I register ?

In a few steps:

  1. Go to the App store or Google Play store
  2. Search for "Vedoc"
  3. Once you downloaded the app register as a "Contractor"
  4. Provide a few details about your business
  5. Once our team reviews your information you will receive an email of approval

Do we have acess to view unlimited service listings?

All of our monthly subscriptions allow service providers access to unlimited service listings and send unlimited estimates to users


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